DIY: The Black Flame Candle

Damn, damn, DOUBLE DAMN!  I’m late to the party on this Halloween post, but it’s too easy and too fun not to share.  Who cares if its November? Get a mega-head start on next year.  Alright, so Hocus Pocus is without a doubt one of the most perfect movies ever created.  Don’t try to argue with me on that–you’ll lose.  I can quote the movie from start to finish and watch it at all times of the year.  Considering this, it only seems natural that I replicate the props for the most bewitching decorations at Halloween.  This one is hella easy: The Black Flame Candle.


Truth be told, the flame is not black and lighting this candle will not make Kathy Najimy appear in your living room.  Apologies for the false advertising, virgins.   However, the candle is still a cool decoration and is super easy to assemble.  Print out the template and wrap it around a pillar candle.  It’s seriously that easy.  It might take a little time to find the candle that works as the perfect fit, but other than that, you’re all set.  It also makes a great talking piece for any Hocus Pocus fan that spots it in your house.  Just don’t invite me over, because I’ll never shut up.

Here’s the template:  blackflamecandle.jpg

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