Scream Queens-inspired Chanel-o-Ween Mug

Into poisoning your friends?  Maybe you’re a little bit evil and vindictive inside?  Well, this is the craft for you!  This is a mug inspired by Scream Queens, more specifically, the queen bitch sorority leader: Chanel Oberlin.  Chanel is vicious, and today, you are too.  You’re poisoning your friends–well, at least imagining it.  chaneloweenThis mug is so simple to make, but can take a little trial and error when it comes to writing things with the glass paints.  See below.

For this craft, you’ll need:

  • A plain colored mug
  • Glass paints (I recommend Martha Stewart brand)
  • An ultra-fine tipped Sharpie

Step 1: Let’s get down to biznazz.  Using your Sharpie, write “You’ve just been poisoned” at the bottom of the mug.  Add a little heart for extra sass.

Step 2: Using your glass paints, create a “Happy Chanel-o-ween” text design on the outside of the mug.  Once you’re satisfied, let the paints set for about 30 minutes.  Once dry, pop the mug onto a cookie sheet and it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Step 3: After 30, remove the mug and let it cool.  Give a quick hand-wash before using or gifting the mug.

Boom.  That’s seriously it.  A fun and murderous gift to impress any and every frenemy in your life.  Peace out, idiot hookers.

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