Trees & Twine is DIY/crafting/life blog for anyone who’s grown tired of preppy crafters that make everything look so easy.  Here at Tree & Twine, we know crafting can be tough, and that sometimes it feels like Doing It Yourself was a terrible idea.  Don’t worry, everyone’s been there!  Even those preppy chicks with their tweed sweaters and homemade Starbucks.

The goal of Trees & Twine is to help you find new DIY projects, decorations, recipes, and more AND to help you succeed at making this crap.  The instructions are in layman’s terms and aren’t going to involve any tools that are difficult to get your hands on.  Who really has a clay scraper just laying around, anyways?  I’m looking at you, fancy pumpkin carvers.

Hopefully you’ll soon be able to unlock your inner crafter, and also embrace your inner klutz.  Trust me when I say I have more than a few craft-related injuries–many of these are to my ego.  By now you’re probably tired of reading this, so head on over to the sidebar and pick a category so that you can start exploring!  Adventure is out there!  And so are crafts.


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